Developing The Human Spirit (1) - 9 May 2021


God promises us that He will lead us into all truth and that He is our advocate, our teacher and our comforter. So how come that so many Christians struggle being led by the Spirit? Here Paul explains that the enemy tries to pull us out of God's will by the flesh and why it is so crucial to build our own spirit up to keep us yielded to God.

How To Be Led By The Spirit - 25 April 2021


This is such an important topic yet one that many Christians struggle with. Often people put their hope in a prophecy or a word they have been given, but the most important way to be led, is by from hearing from God yourself. And, the only way you can do this is by knowing Him yourself.

When God Whispers - 11 April 2021


People were created in the image of God so are designed to hear Him and communicate with Him. It is innate within us, yet many find this confusing. In this podcast how to hear God whisper and exactly what it means to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Easter Beyond Jesus - 4 April 2021


Many Christians believe that Easter is the most important day in the Christian calendar, but in many respects it marks the end of the old way of living and the beginning of the new, full-on Christian life. This message explains why.

Take the Land, Run to Win, Seize the Day - 7 February 2021


Today we are living times of unprecedented opportunity to move forward in God and take what is rightfully ours. In the Old Testament God promised Israel a richly blessed land and that is a picture of what we have now in the New Testament. So train yourself, fix your eyes on the prize, grasp every opportunity when it comes and run to win your race. 

Get Your Armour On - Prayer - 6 December 20


This is the final episode in the series and focusses on prayer as the seventh spiritual weapon as mentioned in Ephesians 6: 10-18. Essentially prayer is communicating with God whether it be speaking or listening. The Apostle Paul tells us to pray 'all kinds of prayer in the Spirit' and in this podcast Paul van Essen unpacks what that means and how to pray in accordance with this instruction.

God And Your Finances: Giving - 22 November 2020


Today Paul van Essen shares about the power of giving in relation to your finances.

Receiving Healing From God: The Importance of Hunger - 11 October 2020


It is God's intention to bless you; in you spirit, your soul, your physical body and your material world. He wants you to be whole, healthy and function well in all areas of your life. In this podcast Paul van Essen gives you the keys to receiving supernatural healing from God.

How To Handle The Sword Of The Spirit (Get Your Armour on Part 3) - 22 November 20


In this concluding episode of 'Get Your Armour On', Paul focusses on the practical application of the sword of the Spirit. Just like Jesus when He was tempted, you need to get the Word deep inside your heart because what you speak overflows from your heart, and speak you must.

Get Your Armour(Part 1) - 25 October 20


Are you tired, drained and worn out yet trying to do the will of God? If so you could be under a spiritual attack and need to put your spiritual armour on and learn how to use it against the enemy. Today Paul introduces the armour that God has given you to fight your battles - and win them too.

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