The Spirit Walk - 9 January 22


Once you have invited Jesus into your heart and are born again, you have a choice to walk according to the flesh or to the Spirit. Victory comes with the Spirit and problems with the flesh. So choose to walk in the Spirit and you won't fulfil the lost of the flesh.

The 3-Pronged Focus - 2 January 22


In this excellent message, Paul van Essen explains the importance of staying in connection with Jesus so that the fruits of the Spirit will grow in your life. 

God Is Birthing Something - Larry Gentis 26 December 21


Guest minister Larry Gentis shares an encouraging word about God's plan for your life. 

We Wish You A Merry Christmas - 19 December 21


In this message, Paul van Essen reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas.

Being Led By The Spirit -5 December 21


Paul van Essen continues the theme of how to be Spirit-Led.

The Importance Of Gathering Together - November 2021


The church is not a building, but a called-out group of people, who choose to love and follow Jesus. It is a body made of individuals who need to fellowship together to function healthily. This is why it is so important to gather together.



When you accept Jesus into your heart you become a child of God and should be led by the Spirit (see Romans 8:14-16). But in practice what does this mean and how do we know He is leading us and that we are in His will? All will be revealed in this message.

You‘re On A Mission From God


Every believer has been assigned to do something specific for God, but every believer has also been sent on a mission to reach the world and proclaim the good news to all creation. In this podcast Paul examines the key scriptures instructing us what to do.

B.I.G. Part 2 - GROWL!


Following on from Part 1 Paul introduces the importance of 'Growling' or meditating on God's word to transform your life.

B.I.G. Part 1 - The Real Way To Transform Your Life


God wants your life to change for the better when you connect with Him. Start by beholding Him and imagining your future and let Him work good things into your life.

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